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A Sex tip #1 - Women arent to feel abused or for lack of a bettr word,"fucked" (pardon my french) during sex - only loved with supportive physical strength shown only in the right manner of familial care.
Michael Rizzo Chessman - sex tips expert http://michaelrizzoxxx.com

Sex clips glimpse

(Language  caveat)

Hi, These are two very brief clips of beautiful blonde spirited woman engaged in sexual encounters
which are at the core harmful to their spirit as I see it. found them on the net years ago without knowing
what sites they were ripped from originally.

It is my own sincere belief that women of this sort have to be given genuine care in sex and in looking
after their needs in a general sense in that a man must possess strength of character and spirit and indeed
even physical prowess  so as to cater to the needs of a real true woman of this spirit in the most natural and
lovingly satisfying way in order to completely fill her senses with the spirit of genuine beautiful human
co-existence with the men they are meant to be with.

Such men will not be alien to their spirit or wish to drive them insane by somehow "fucking them" into submission
in a way which clearly shows the absence of love, the presence of demonic needs on the part of evil minded men
who certainly do exist as shown in many such clips as we find on the net doing research into these sorts of issues.

Women should avoid taking a man who abuses them in that they seem "unchristianly" in what are their thoughts
desires and intentions. Being fucked is the wrong thing for women to seek as an experience by men who being bigger
than them give the impression that they are giving a benefit of some sort. its the wrong thing to engage in and cases
a witch like formation in the minds of women who are abused in this manner over time, especially through generations
of such misinformed and misguided ill-willed experiences I submit. (I have a book pending on this phenomenon)

Women are meant to be loved in a spirit which is that of a strong male psyche, eager to care for, and lead, and
support the female mindset which is merited in the most christainly sense, and good women should accept such
a role willingly, but without feeling "fucked" by someone seeking to harm their spirit through an alienated mindset
to what it is these women relate to most sincerely as truly and genuinely lovingly given strength, and support and
love from a man wanting them to thrive as genuinely good souls in the community to which they would most rightly

Men should be endearing to women and the same in reverse. Women should avoid sex with men who are
no good at heart and simply wanting to pant and physically gyrate for an hour in bed to impart some sort
of demonic experience by comparison to seeking men of genuine caring capacities. Avoid men who only
feign goodness (no matter how they may look or present or articulate with in fact only bullshit at the core in
actual fact by comparison to real men) and affection and care and instead seek out real men with genuine
male mores and thoughts and basic orientation certainly. We will make fewer women who are witches this
way, as that is what happens to women who are abused in wrongly matched sexual encounters and
relationships historically speaking.

You will find many such good men from Spain and elsewhere (Italy too certainly - maybe even the best in the
future I would say possibly too) and elsewhere that such beautifully spirited blonde gals as shown in these clips
that related qualities in compatibly good and decent men may be found today. The nicest such man in my
experience observing publicly displayed character and goodness of spirit was an Germanic Irish man named
Brendan Hughes who gave me a position in management in the computer industry a couple of decades ago.
There aren't enough men of his caliber left in his neck of the woods I fear to say - however i would think he
would probably be as good and any man on the planet given the genuinely great Irish spirit he shoes which
clearly clearly shows no regard for the abuse of Irish spirited gals - only the opposite instead! the best there
is in my own view on these matters I say. Any woman should count herself lucky to have a man as him I say.
Lets make more with the stocks of real men remaining on the earth that are capable of doing at least as well.

Thanks for supporting these ideas to keep our dearest womenfolk alive in warm spirit and in
genuinely merited sense of physical beauty too.

Download link for clips here

Michael Rizzo Chessman
founder http://michaelrizzoxxx.com